woman in civil war reenactment

16-44 Segment 1: Women in the Civil War

Although it is not often taught in history classes during the Civil War women risked their lives to carry intelligence from the enemy to their generals.

kids playing at home with smartphones

16-44 Segment 2: The Value of Face-to- Face Communication for Kids

Too much screen time can be a detriment to face-to-face communication and decreases our ability to recognize emotions, and possibly even shorten our lives.

family parenting togetherness relaxation playful concept

16-43 Segment 2: Kids Behavior and Parents Expectations

We explore why kids behave the way they do in certain situations, and offer strategies for dealing with a child that can help them grow more responsible.

a young slim woman is taken aback by something. fear concept.

16-42 Segment 1: Dealing With Fear in Life

We talk about how fear affects our lives and how it can be decreased or eliminated by perseverance, positive thinking and compassion.

children reading books at park against trees and meadow in the park

16-42 Segment 2: Teaching Kids to Read by Expanding Their World

Our guest offers suggestions to parents, educators and policymakers about how expanding our children’s knowledge base in school will help make them read better.

view of a citizen scientist and biologist working together on water analysis

16-41 Segment 1: Citizen Scientists

We talk to two “citizen scientist” advocates about the importance of having average citizens be the eyes and ears of large research projects.

dog looking on overflowing waters of river, natural disaster

16-41 Segment 2: Helping Animals Weather Natural Disasters

We talk to a Humane Society spokesperson who has seen his share of disasters about keeping your pets safe and secure during a catastrophe.