Stressed woman tired of gift wrapping

16-52 Segment 1: Dealing With Holiday Stress

Two stress specialists provide tips and tricks to help you calm down a bit during this hectic time of year and also prevent undue stress at other times.

privacy settings on the screen. woman with a laptop on the knees.

16-52 Segment 2: Internet Privacy

We talk to a journalist who has tried to erase her digital footprint, and an attorney who deals with online privacy about protecting your person information online.

By U.S. Army [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

16-51 Segment 1: Christmas at the Battle of the Bulge

Stanley Weintraub talks about one Christmas, in 1944, when American soldiers spent a freezing holiday fighting for their lives against during the Battle of the Bulge

Side view of a tensed young man looking at self in mirror in the bathroom

16-51 Segment 2: Using The Voices in Your Head

Experts tell us the “voices in your head” can be used to talk to, and about, yourself in a healthy, productive way.

an empty wallet and a full of banknotes

16-50 Segment 1: Closing the Wage Gap

We’re joined by two experts who agree that closing the wage gap should be a priority, but who have very different takes on how that can be achieved

16-50 Segment 2: Henry Clay: The great American statesman you should know more about

Most of us have heard the name of Henry Clay, but he’s not one of the people we usually remember the way we do George Washington or Thomas Jefferson.

college graduation ceremony

16-49 Segment 1: Does Where You Go To College Matter?

We discuss the myths surrounding acceptance to an “elite” college and how high school counselors can better serve diverse and often financially strapped students.