chicago downtown and chicago river at night.

17-05 Segment 1: The State of American Cities

We talk about the role cities play in our culture, about the problems facing our cities and ideas on how we can fix them.

mother and daughter reading nursery rhymes

17-05 Segment 2: The Stories Behind Nursery Rhymes

We talk to a librarian and author about where nursery rhymes came from and how they were used before they ended up in Mother Goose books.

Vintage typewriter close-up - I Quit, concept of quitting

17-04 Segment 1: The Art of Quitting

Many people remain in bad situations because they are afraid to quit their job, but careful planning can ease the anxiety that often follows.

Focused young female artist working on a new painting in her workshop

17-04 Segment 2: Unleashing Your Creativity

It’s a common goal to get back to the creative passions in the new year. Two experts give tips on how to over come obstacles and finish your masterpiece.


17-03 Segment 1: The Precarious Position of African-American Republicans

Author Corey Fields explains what motivates black Republicans and how they’re treated both at home and within their party.

Annoyed and unhappy man sitting with angry look, resting elbows on table while his smiling girlfriend texting her friends via social networks on mobile phone, instead of talking to him

17-03 Segment 2: Digital Independence

Our guest, Christina Cook, took a 31-day vacation from the Internet and learned how online life needs to be balanced with face-to-face communications and relaxation.

17-02 Segment 1: Uniquely Jazz: Sheila Jordan

With “La La Land” tapping into theaters and a strong contender for this year’s Oscars, we wanted to re-visit one of the quintessential American art forms: jazz.

Young couple arguing in a cafe relationship problems

17-02 Segment 2: Fighting Fair and Productively

We talk to two experts on conflict about how to make disagreements with anyone, from your work life to your home life, into a more peaceful, enlightening experience.

Forensic investigator working at a crime scene

17-01 Segment 1: Solving crimes with new technology

With new gadgets and programs being invented every day, the technologies used in solving crimes are changing constantly.

Time machine icon

17-01 Segment 2: What we love about time travel

We talk to Dr. Travis Langley to uncover what lies underneath the fantasy we’ve all indulged from time to time: traveling backwards and forwards through time.