17-28 Segment 1: Domestic Violence: How it happens and how we can try to stop it

Two psychologists familiar discuss what victims can do to remove themselves from the abuse and how being a witness to or a victim of abuse affects the the family dynamic.

17-28 Segment 2: Asa Jennings: A forgotten American hero

After World War I, the city of Smyrna was set ablaze and people had to run to the beaches just to escape the flames. We’ll hear how governments and diplomats in the West all but ignored their plight, and how the efforts of one brave relief worker and a Navy commander finally brought the victims to safety.

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Culture Crash 17-28: Pop Music

Liking pop music is usually thought of as shallow and immature, but why? Pop music gave us The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, and yes, Justin Timberlake.