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Everyone loves a good crime story. Author Don Winslow reveals a special affection for crime in his novels. Famous for writing fiction and nonfiction novels on drug cartels and law enforcement, Winslow has just released another book called The Force. The New York Times already added this book to their bestseller list in its first month of release.

Winslow spent a great deal of time with policemen and women to truly understand their thoughts and how their occupation affects their lives. In this novel, Winslow addresses the controversial issue of current police shootings head-on, which he says is a hard conversation to have with most cops. Winslow says that he could not write a police book in 2017 without addressing the issues that are in front of all of us. He admitted that some officers were completely open about the topic, while others brushed the issue aside.

In addition to addressing police shootings, Winslow also dedicates a section of his novel to those police who have fallen while on the job. He thinks that acknowledging both sides of this issue is important to tell the complete story.


  • Don Winslow, author of The Force

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