Narcissism is a disorder commonly joked about and misidentified, but in it’s purest form it takes a major toll on everyone that involved. High level narcissists are selfish to an extreme. They typically have little to no morals and never worry themselves with how other might be feeling.

Dr. Linda Martinez-Lewi became captivated by narcissism, with a focus on helping those around the narcissist to recover from effects of the traumatic relationship. Dr. Martinez-Lewi reveals most narcissist have almost zero chance of curbing the disorder, but those around them can learn to recover, even while still interacting with narcissistic personalities. 
Further detailed in her published works, Dr. Martinez-Lewi explains the first step is to identify the toxic narcissist. From there, the doctor states you can work from the advantage of, “know[ing] him or her better than he or she knows themself…Stay in your own truth, in your own boundaries, and not be reactive.”

For more tips and information, pick up a copy of Freeing Yourself from the Narcissist in Your Life, Dr. Martinez-Lewi’s latest book.  


  • Dr. Linda Martinez-Lewi, author of Freeing Yourself from the Narcissist in Your Life

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