17-53 Segment 1: Making Your New Year’s Resolutions Stick

We talk to an expert in the field of habit-making about how we can make our resolutions last all year round.

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Culture Crash 17-53: Dark

Netflix has a new binge-worthy show called Dark. The German-language show involves time travel, family drama, a small town, and a lot of mind-bending sci-fi.

17-52 Segment 1: Hitting the Off Switch: Going offline in a digital age

Author Christina Crook discusses her 31-day vacation from the internet to reconnect with her physical life.

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Culture Crash 17-52: Black Mirror

Black Mirror is like The Twilight Zone for the digital age. We discuss the show, its technologies, and how the unsettling drama has found a foothold exploring the future of our world.

17-51 Segment 1: America’s Diner Waitresses

Diners are an American staple. We talk about the waitresses who make the diners function and the culture behind the career.

17-51 Segment 2: Creating Great Teams with Diverse Thought

We talk to one expert about how cognitive diversity can improve the results for a school, business, or even an entire society.

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Culture Crash 17-51: 2017’s “Little” Horror Movies

This year, low-cost horror movies like “Get Out” made big noise at the box office. We discuss one man responsible for the trend: producer Jason Blum.

17-50 Segment 1: The Role of a Literary Editor

We talk to a literary editor who explains to us what an editor does to get the book from a manuscript to the finished copy on store shelves.

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Culture Crash 17-50: Christmas Music

It’s all around us: the sounds of the holiday season. We explore some of the classics and modern hits that make December truly the most wonderful time of the year.

17-49 Segment 1: Making an Impact as a Citizen Scientist

We talk to two experts about the need for average citizens to be the eyes and ears of big data collecting projects.

17-49 Segment 2: Author Jack London’s Writings and Social Activism

We discover how Jack London’s own journey informed his writing, and how his books reflect the plight of exploited workers and impoverished women and children.

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Culture Crash 17-49: The Simpsons’s Apu Problem

The Simpsons is a cultural institution. But one character, Apu, is a racist stereotype, and some Indian-American actors and comedians think it’s past time for a re-evaluation.