America’s Diner Waitresses

Diners are an American staple. It’s where you stop for a piece of pie and a cup of coffee from coast to coast. But diners are slowly disappearing to larger chains. We talk about the waitresses who make the diners function and the culture behind the career.

Creating Great Teams with Diverse Thought

It may seem like the best way to create a business is to only include the best and the brightest. But limiting your group to any standard, even Ivy League-education, can lead to groupthink. We talk to one expert about how cognitive diversity can improve the results for a school, business, or even an entire society.

Culture Crash: 2017’s “Little” Horror Movies

This year, low-cost horror movies like “Get Out” made big noise at the box office and now, the awards conversation. We discuss one man responsible for the trend: producer Jason Blum.