The Graduate, 50 Years Later

Few movies become as iconic as Mike Nichols’s December 1967 classic, The Graduate. The film became a touchstone for Baby Boomers and became emblematic of the generation’s desire to stand out from the generations before them. We look at some of the elements that made The Graduate so memorable.

The Power of the Written Word

Storytelling is a human impulse that has guided civilizations as far back as we can remember. Martin Puchner is a scholar on the subject and takes us through the history of writing stories down, and how those written accounts have become so important to our understanding of the world.

Culture Crash: The New Era of Science Fiction

There was a time when science fiction stories had to be a part of some established arc or it wouldn’t get made. Now, thanks to Black Mirror, Electric Dreams, and the Cloverfield franchise, stand-alone sci-fi is thriving once again.