18-21 Segment 1: Discovering the Maya Civilization

Discovering one of the most well-known ancient civilizations was no easy task. We talk to author William Carlsen about the two men who ventured into the jungle and discovered the Mayans.

18-21 Segment 2: Communicating with School-Aged Boys: A Psychologist’s Advice

Most parents with adolescent boys at home can tell you all about the difficulties of communicating clearly with them. We talk to a clinical psychologist about how to best talk with young men and understand their perspective better.

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Culture Crash 18-21: The End of New Girl

Fox’s hit sitcom New Girl ended this month after 7 seasons. We take a look back at the show’s run and what makes sitcoms so special to us.

18-20 Segment 2: Financial Corruption and The Fed’s Pursuit of SAC Capital

The financial world was shocked when the FBI began investigating Wall Street big shot Steve Cohen and his company SAC Capital. We discuss what they were looking for, what they found, and what it all means going forward.

18-20 Segment 1: Helping Save the Bees

You’ve probably heard that bees are in trouble, and that we need bees for many of the foods and plants we have come to love. We learn what we can all be doing to do our part and help save the bees before it’s too late.

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Culture Crash 18-20: Should We Really ‘Save Barnes & Noble?’

For years, Barnes and Noble was the big enemy to independent bookstores. Now, Amazon is the big bad and some are calling for consumers to ‘save” Barnes & Noble…but should we?

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18-19 Segment 1: Honoring the Soldiers Who Fought in Vietnam

The Vietnam War was an unpopular war. As such, soldiers would come home to a society that didn’t approve of what they did…even if they themselves were drafted into the war. We talk to a former Vietnam War protester about what we can do now to honor and remember those who served in Vietnam.

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18-19 Segment 2: Men’s Place in the #MeToo Movement

The #MeToo movement has been getting headlines for months now. The movement was started by women, but what men still have a role to serve in the fight for equality and in the elimination of sexism and misogyny.

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Culture Crash 18-19: The Hamilton Mixtape, Hamildrops and the Hamiltome: Keeping Hamilton alive

Hamilton is over 3 years old, but it still tops the iTunes and Spotify charts every few weeks or so thanks to the “Hamildrops,” where creator Lin-Manuel Miranda releases new Hamilton-adjacent material every few weeks or so.

18-18 Segment 2: The Ethical Implications of Genetic Screenings on Children

Science enables us to know much more than ever before. We can be aware of what disorders we could pass on to our kids and we can conduct screenings on children to discover irregularities in their genes. Such screenings can help doctors catch issues early but they can also put a huge burden on families.

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Culture Crash 18-18: True Crime

True crime stories fascinate us, but they can also have a big impact. We look at true crime and specifically, Michelle McNamera’s book, I’ll Be Gone in The Dark