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Many schools are removing cursive lessons from their classrooms, basing this decision on the prevalence of technology in modern life. This decision may not be best for our children though, and it is already having a major impact. Jan Olsen, occupational therapist and President of Handwriting Without Tears, and Margaret Shepherd, calligrapher and author of Learn World Calligraphy, tell us why cursive is still an important life skill today.

The ability to write and read cursive helps an individual to be prepared for many of the situations children will face later on. When society and teachers began to turn away from cursive, many people started to struggle “socially, educationally, and vocationally,” Olsen says. Although cursive seems complex on the surface, Olsen stresses, it is actually easier to write because of the continuous flow and easier to read, because the words don’t run together.

Handwriting is also a way to express yourself and to make an impression on the people around you. Shepherd encourages people to take control of their writing, especially their signature. Learning to write well gives a sense of self-respect and power over how people see you through your handwriting. Shepherd says that handwriting needs to be exercised like any skill, and she isn’t afraid that the need for this skill is going away anytime soon, as we can never predict where technology will turn to next.

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  • Jan Olsen, occupational therapist and President of Handwriting Without Tears
  • Margaret Shepherd, calligrapher & artist and author of Learn World Calligraphy

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One thought on “18-22 Segment 1: Is Cursive Still Worth It?

  1. Yes, cursive is worth the effort. As a licensed amateur radio operator I can’t keep up with my Morse Code contact while printing. I must write. Another advantage is that cursive gets the facts down without the need of an external power source.


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