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While weather is often a day-to-day occurrence for many of us, the history of the earth’s climate and humanity’s relationship to it actually creates a fascinating story. Andrew Revkin, weather expert and historian, summarizes 100 key moments of this chronology in his book Weather: An Illustrated History From Cloud Atlases to Climate Change.

The book gives short introductions to big scientific concepts, starting with the distinction between weather and climate. Revkin quotes, climate is what you expect, and weather is what you get. Going back all the way to the beginning of the earth’s atmosphere 4.6 billion years ago, Revkin tracks the changes in climate since then and several of the atmosphere’s reboots over the years, covering periods of ice, heat, and everything in between.

He also focuses on the way humanity has affected the climate in recent years. For the first time in history, climate will be what we make of it, and we’re the first species to be aware of our impact. He also explains the history of the first weather forecasts and how the innovation in technology, such as the telegraph, made it possible.

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  • Andrew Revkin, weather expert and historian, author of the bookWeather: An Illustrated History From Cloud Atlases to Climate Change

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