18-35 Segment 1: The Use of Polygraph Machines

We have all heard of polygraph machines or ‘lie detectors.’ But are they truly reliable? Their results are inadmissible in court and yet some investigation agencies still use them. We talk to historian and author John Philipp Baesler about the polygraph’s history and its questionable use in our modern world.

18-35 Segment 2: How One Couple Confronted a Mental Health Crisis

One morning without warning, Giulia Lukach experienced a psychotic break. We talk to her husband Mark about Gulia’s journey, his own experience as a caregiver, and how they overcame three stints in a psych ward.

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Culture Crash 18-35: TV Revivals

In recent years, you’ve probably noticed a boom in TV revivals- old series brought back for new episodes. Fans of Gilmore Girls, Prison Break, Will and Grace, and more have all been gifted with new seasons and with reboots of Murphy Brown, Veronica Mars, and others in the works, this isn’t a trend that seems to be going anywhere.