19-26 Segment 1: The Cost of Beauty: How Social is Changing Our Perception

Social media has become an all-consuming way of life for many. It’s hard to get away from unconsciously opening Facebook or Instagram throughout the day and scrolling through your feed. While social media can be positive, the unrealistic posts can also lead to damaging outcomes. We discuss its negative effects and the rise in the number of plastic surgery procedures among younger generations.

19-26 Segment 2: Stories from 9/11 and Its Effects Today

Fall and Rise: The Story of 9/11 written by Mitchell Zuckoff shares numerous accounts from September 11, 2001. We highlight a few of the stories from the book and talk about modern implications today, including the political upheaval over medical and victim compensation funding for those affected.

Culture Crash 19-26: The Rise of Writer and Actress Phoebe Waller Bridge

Phoebe Waller Bridge has produced and starred in several hits ranging from “Killing Eve” to “Solo: A Star Wars Story”. Now, she’s working on the script for the fourth James Bond movie and has created a new season of the show “Fleabag”. We discuss her success in Hollywood and the allure of shorter TV shows.