20-01 Segment 1: A Brief History Of Skin Marking

Humans have always practiced various forms of self-expression, whether it's through written word, music, art or some other outlet. The art of tattooing is one such form that dates back thousands of years. We speak with a history expert, author and professor at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Craig Koslofsky about some of the earliest tattoo designs and how they were achieved, as well as other skin alteration methods including scarification and branding.

20-01 Segment 2: The Pitfalls Of Social Media As An Athlete

20-01 Segment 2: The Pitfalls Of Social Media As An Athlete

Being a college or professional athlete is hard enough. Throw on top of that the constant commentary online and it can sometimes be impossible to look away from what people are saying. Two football players offer up their thoughts on the pros and cons of social media and how to stay focused and positive on and off the field.