The Slow-Looming, Invisible Crisis Of Climate Change

20-17 Segment 1: The Slow-Looming, Invisible Crisis of Climate Change

With billions across the world staying home right now due to coronavirus, air pollution in many major cities has cleared making way for blue skies and new views of nature. This week, Viewpoints speaks with journalist and author Thomas Kostigen about the role of geoengineering in tackling another approaching global crisis: climate change.

The Dire State Of Affordable Housing In America

20-17 Segment 2: The Dire State Of Affordable Housing In America

The COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated the housing crisis as many millions of Americans can no longer afford to pay rent or their monthly mortgage. Viewpoints speaks with two housing experts about why so many people struggle to find affordable housing in the U.S. and one possible solution to the problem.