20-41 Segment 1: The Life Of A Modern Private Eye

20-41 Segment 1: The Life Of A Modern Private Eye

The field of private investigation is rapidly changing. And not entirely for the good. We speak with Tyler Maroney – a journalist turned private eye about the evolution of the industry and the role tech-savvy investigators play in influencing and providing transparency to governments, corporate entities, criminal justice lawyers and other sectors.

20-41 Segment 2: Why Is English So Hard To Learn?

We all know the rule: “I before E, except after C,” but it’s not applicable in “weird” or “science” or many other words. The English language has many exceptions to its rules and these irregularities make it a difficult language to learn. Two language experts join Viewpoints this week to share the many frustrations of English and the rules at play today.

Culture Crash 20-41: A Solid Oscar Contender

Culture Crash 20-41: A Solid Oscar Contender

We discuss director Chloe Zhao’s upcoming film, Nomadland that’s already generating a lot of buzz ahead of its December release.