Culture Crash 21-03: Is HBO’s Show “Euphoria” Euphoric?

Culture Crash 21-03: Is HBO’s Show “Euphoria” Really Euphoric?

Whether you’re a young adult or not, the teen-focused show, “Euphoria” is a refreshing take on this period of life and all the struggles that come along with it. The full series is now streaming on HBO and HBO Max.

21-03 Segment 2: Spies & Soldiers: The Women Of The Civil War

21-03 Segment 2: Spies & Soldiers: The Women Of The Civil War

We know so much about the men of the Civil War, but the courageous women of this time and their contributions are seldom shown in history books. Historian Karen Abbott decided to change that. She tells the story of several women who helped their respective sides during the Civil War. These women were not just nurses and aides, but endearing female soldiers and spies disguised and embedded in the fight.

21-03 Segment 1: The Pandemic’s Push On E-Commerce

While many small, neighborhood stores are fighting to keep their doors open, e-commerce giants like Amazon are seeing staggering growth. In fact, 2020 was the most successful year-to-date for the company. The pandemic has forced millions to buy more items online or through curbside pick-up. So, how has this shift in shopping habits changed the retail game for good? Business journalist Lawrence Ingrassia joins Viewpoints this week to break down the evolving e-commerce landscape.