21-04 Segment 1: A Pandemic Education: It Continues On Into 2021

21-04 Segment 1: A Pandemic Education: It Continues On Into 2021

It’s been ten months since many schools across the nation shifted to online learning. Students, parents and everyone working within education have braved the many challenges of learning within a pandemic. With vaccine distribution underway, many within the field are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel and the eventual return to classrooms hopefully later this year. We speak with two education experts about the changes happening in the field as technology plays a bigger role.

The Competitive Nature of Today's Youth Sports

21-04 Segment 2: The Competitive Nature of Today’s Youth Sports

The world of youth sports can be incredibly stressful. Long practices, hefty investments and increasingly selective teams can add up to parents pushing their kids to the brink. We speak with Rich Cohen, a hockey dad, about the modern pressures of the competitive sport and why some parents end up caring more about the sport than their own kid does.

Culture Crash 21-04: The Abundance Of Mediocre Media On Streaming Platforms

Culture Crash 21-04: An Abundance of Mediocre Media on Streaming Platforms

When scrolling through streaming sites like Netflix, Disney+ Amazon Prime or Hulu, the number of movies and shows can feel endless. But, how many of these originals are really worth the watch? Shouldn’t the focus be more on quality rather than quantity?