21-14 Segment 2: Alphabetical Arrangement

Organizing people or items by A to Z is a common method all over the world. It’s used in schools, businesses, libraries and more. But why is this the predominant method today? What are some other systems that people of the past used? Historian Judith Flanders joins us this week to shed some light on the fascinating study of alphabetization.

21-14 Segment 1: Entrepreneurship In The Adult-Use Cannabis Market

New York is the latest to legalize recreational marijuana. This move will create thousands of new jobs and is expected to generate billions of dollars in revenue after a lackluster year in tourism, real estate and business. And New York isn’t alone. Each year, more states are voting to allow both adult-use and medical marijuana sales. But, with this, comes challenges. In a fast-growing industry, how do you ensure that smaller entrepreneurs aren’t left behind? Or those who’ve been systemically affected by the war on cannabis are given greater opportunity?

Culture Crash 21-14: Zack Snyder’s “Justice League”

Culture Crash 21-14: Zack Snyder’s “Justice League”

The new director’s cut of “Justice League” is now out on HBO Max. The action movie clocks in at a whopping four hours. Is it just another overhyped streaming release or something more?