21-21 Segment 1: The Cycle Of Food Waste

The average person ends up trashing 25 percent of the food they buy from the grocery store. This can mean fresh produce, expired dairy, stale bread – the list goes on and on. This cycle of food waste across households, grocery stores and restaurants adds up, resulting in more than 81 billion pounds of fresh, edible food being thrown away each year. What’s the solution? Two food experts join us this week to offer some answers.

21-21 Segment 2: The 40th Anniversary of The NASA Space Shuttle

21-21 Segment 2: The 40th Anniversary of The NASA Space Shuttle

The birth of the space shuttle in 1981 marked a new era of space travel. For the first time ever, NASA had a spacecraft that could launch into space and come back to earth and land like an airplane. While the shuttle had many successful flights, there were also some big catastrophes that ultimately led the program to cease operations in 2011. Former chief historian of NASA Roger Launius joins Viewpoints this week to tell the story of this era of American space history.

The Love Story Of “Little Fish”

Culture Crash 21-21: The Love Story Of “Little Fish”

A modern take on the classic detective/thriller genre is exactly what we need right now and the “Mare of Easttown” does not disappoint. We explore this new series starring Kate Winslet.