The Growing Wealth Of The Billionaire Class

21-16 Segment 2: The Growing Wealth Of The Billionaire Class

Facebook founder and CEO, Mark Zuckerberg added 41 billion dollars to his wealth over the past year. And that’s nothing compared to what Tesla CEO, Elon Musk raked in: 157 billion. The majority of humans on the planet can’t even fathom earning that amount of money. Yet, for many in the top .01 percent, it’s a never-ending cycle of holding onto and building their wealth for generations to come. As the rich get richer and take up a bigger piece of the pie, what’s left for the rest of us? How can leaders and laws slow this extreme wealth inequality?

21-03 Segment 1: The Pandemic’s Push On E-Commerce

While many small, neighborhood stores are fighting to keep their doors open, e-commerce giants like Amazon are seeing staggering growth. In fact, 2020 was the most successful year-to-date for the company. The pandemic has forced millions to buy more items online or through curbside pick-up. So, how has this shift in shopping habits changed the retail game for good? Business journalist Lawrence Ingrassia joins Viewpoints this week to break down the evolving e-commerce landscape.

Culture Crash 20-33: A Collection of Science Fiction

The Forward is a new science fiction series of six short novellas written by prominent authors in the genre. We discuss the appeal and if the new release is worth the purchase.

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Culture Crash 19-09: Audiobooks

Audiobooks used to be big, cumbersome collections of tapes. Now, they’re simply files on our phones, and their portability and convenience make them a great option for commute-time listening.

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Culture Crash 18-20: Should We Really ‘Save Barnes & Noble?’

For years, Barnes and Noble was the big enemy to independent bookstores. Now, Amazon is the big bad and some are calling for consumers to ‘save” Barnes & Noble…but should we?