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Culture Crash 19-09: Audiobooks

Audiobooks used to be big, cumbersome collections of tapes. Now, they’re simply files on our phones, and their portability and convenience make them a great option for commute-time listening.

17-49 Segment 1: Making an Impact as a Citizen Scientist

We talk to two experts about the need for average citizens to be the eyes and ears of big data collecting projects.

17-49 Segment 2: Author Jack London’s Writings and Social Activism

We discover how Jack London’s own journey informed his writing, and how his books reflect the plight of exploited workers and impoverished women and children.

17-48 Segment 1: Giving Back This Holiday Season

We talk to a mom and an author who together have created a children’s book and game designed to make giving back to others a fun pursuit.

17-48 Segment 2: W.E.B. Du Bois’s Lasting Impact in Sociology

We talk to a scholar about what exactly W.E.B. Du Bois did to improve the study of sociology and what his impact truly was.

17-47 Segment 1: Terrorism in America, 1920

Americans pride themselves on never forgetting the attacks and terrorism of our history, but somehow a 1920 attack on New York City has slipped through the cracks.

17-47 Segment 2: Developing Forensic Technology: New solutions for tracking and convicting criminals

We talk to two leading experts about the software and hardware helping police and lawyers find the right criminals and get them convicted.

17-46 Segment 2: Sleeping Soundly: How getting quality sleep can enhance our health

Sleep is the single biggest thing we can do to help our physical and mental health both in the short-term and long-term.

17-45 Segment 2: Gardening Differently

We think of gardens as a place meant to look nice or grow some vegetables, but author Benjamin Vogt says gardens can be about cultivating a better environment and reconnecting humans with nature

17-44 Segment 1: Stutters, Stammers, and Vocal Blunders

If you’ve had to speak in public, you know the nerves that come with public speaking. We explore where vocal blunders come from and what they might mean.

17-44 Segment 2: American Borders: How our states got their shapes

There are 48 states in the continental United States some have borders that make a lot of sense while many others do not. We talk to writer Mark Stein about how that came to be.

17-43 Segment 1: Memory Loss and Alzheimer’s Disease

As we get older, we all will suffer from some memory loss. The question becomes what memory loss is a normal byproduct of getting older and when is it a sign of a larger problem

17-43 Segment 2: Narcissism: The manipulative, selfish disorder

We talk about narcissism and tips for people who feel they’re drowning in the orbit of a true narcissist.

Culture Crash 17-43: Blade Runner 2049

Blade Runner 2049 is a sequel worth watching at the theater, but there is some confusion about how best to see its predecessor, Blade Runner.

17-42 Segment 2: The Appeal of Time Travel Stories

What is it about time travel stories that draws us in and keeps us compelled all these years later? We talk to pop culture psychologist Dr. Travis Langley.

17-42 Segment 1: The Vital Role of Pre-Kindergarten

We explore the importance of high-quality pre-k schooling, and tips for parents on how to spot a good program from a bad one.

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Culture Crash 17-42: James Cameron’s Avatar Franchise and the Billion-Dollar Question

Avatar smashed box office records worldwide, eight years later four sequels are being produced but does that past success mean audiences crave more from the land of Pandora?