Inside Look: Financial Aid

Viewpoints producer, Annie Krall, speaks with student Mev Becoja, who's aid was cut during for her junior and senior years of college.

19-29 Segment 1: Navigating Collegiate Financial Aid Student loan debt is set to skyrocket to two trillion dollars by 2022. We talk two students about their differing perspectives on financial aid and debt. We also speak with Mike Bartini, the director of student aid at Bowdoin College, about how important it is that students and families take time to focus on … Continue reading 19-29 Segment 1: Navigating Collegiate Financial Aid

17-14 Segment 2: The Trouble with Teaching Reading: Why so many children struggle with literacy

America is facing a literacy problem. We talk to several experts who suggest that we may simply be teaching the skill incorrectly.

13-32 Segment 1: Entrepreneurs: How to get a leg up in small business

Two entrepreneur specialists talk about starting your own business, and how to avoid some of the pitfalls of going out on your own.