Easy Switches For A More Earth-Friendly Diet

21-18 Segment 2: Easy Switches For A More Earth-Friendly Diet

As more Americans look to decrease their carbon footprints, what’s one way to make a big difference? Flipping the narrative on the traditional American diet. Beef is more carbon-intensive to produce than chicken, but did you know that cheese is also worse than chicken? It’s this knowledge that can change people’s dietary decisions and decrease greenhouse gas emissions, slowing global warming. Paul Greenberg, a food and science writer, joins Viewpoints this week to share how people can adjust their daily eating habits to make a difference.

21-16 Segment 1: The Role We Each Play In Slowing Climate Change

21-16 Segment 1: The Role We Each Play In Slowing Climate Change

Despite the pandemic, carbon emissions are at an all-time high, topping records over the past 3.6 million years. For years, scientists have warned of humans approaching a critical tipping point of global warming – and it’s here. Sustainability scientist Dr. Kimberly Nicholas joins Viewpoints this week to break down the current climate landscape and explain why turning things around requires a collective effort.

20-48 Segment 1: The Early American Diet

Throughout history - war, famine, economic instability has affected what we choose to buy at the grocery store. Even today, the pandemic has shifted our grocery shopping and eating habits. This week, we rewind back to the Great Depression, which forced millions of Americans to find new recipes and get creative with the limited number of ingredients they could afford.

20-08 Segment 1: Redefining Sugar: Enjoying Sweet Treats Without The Guilt

From Starbucks lattes to grocery staples like yogurt and bread, sugar still seems to be lurking everywhere. And even if you are diet conscious, it can still be hard to avoid the cookies and cake if you’re craving something sweet. Viewpoints Radio speaks with baking blogger, Elif Yamangil and cookbook author, Jennifer Tyler Lee about the importance of limiting sugar in your diet and how to do so without completely restricting yourself and still indulging your sweet tooth.

19-22 Segment 2: One Meal at a Time: Reviving the American School Lunch System

School lunches in the U.S. have long been overlooked. Dan Giusti, the former head chef of Noma and founder of Brigaid, is gaining ground in his efforts to overhaul the school lunch system and bring scratch cooking back into cafeterias. We speak with Giusti about his journey from fine dining to lunch reform and some of the barriers facing Brigaid.

16-27 Segment 2: Healthier Eating: It doesn’t have to be boring or bland

Authors Diane Morgan and Jessica Goldman talk about how to introduce more fish and healthy fats, less gluten and less salt into your meals without a lot of fuss.