Culture Crash 19-39: Stephen King’s latest novel, The Institute

Stephen King’s latest novel, The Institute, sees the famed storyteller excelling at something he has done better than other writers for decades: telling a story from the perspective of a child.

Culture Crash 19-36: Fall Film Lineup

Culture Crash 19-36: Fall Film Lineup

Autumn is right around the corner, and with the changing of seasons comes several new movie releases that look promising.

Culture Crash 19-34: The Countdown To Football Season

The NFL turns 100 this year. We discuss the American tradition of football and why the sport is so near and dear to many of our hearts.

Culture Crash 19-33: The Newest Release From Sci-FI Author Blake Crouch

We review the new science fiction book, “Recursion” written by American author Blake Crouch who’s widely known for the “Wayward Pines” trilogy.

Culture Crash 19-32: The Return of HBO’s Hit Show “Succession”

Season two of the hit HBO show, “Succession” returns August 11. We discuss the basic premise of the ruthless family drama and the success of its first season.

Culture Crash 19-31: The Beginnings of “Spider-Man”

We travel back in time to discuss the nostalgia of the very first “Spider-Man” movie and how it kicked off a series of sequels and superhero reboots produced by Marvel Studios.

Culture Crash 19-30: Ensuring the Accessibility of Independent Films

We discuss how the rise in streaming technology has impacted the availability of classic, foreign and indie films.

Culture Crash 19-29: What To Do When You Don’t Really Like the Book You’re Reading

It happens to everyone. Despite your perseverance, you just can’t get into the book you’re reading. Do you push yourself to keep on going or give up and raise a white flag?

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18-19 Segment 1: Honoring the Soldiers Who Fought in Vietnam

The Vietnam War was an unpopular war. As such, soldiers would come home to a society that didn’t approve of what they did…even if they themselves were drafted into the war. We talk to a former Vietnam War protester about what we can do now to honor and remember those who served in Vietnam.

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18-19 Segment 2: Men’s Place in the #MeToo Movement

The #MeToo movement has been getting headlines for months now. The movement was started by women, but what men still have a role to serve in the fight for equality and in the elimination of sexism and misogyny.

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Culture Crash 18-19: The Hamilton Mixtape, Hamildrops and the Hamiltome: Keeping Hamilton alive

Hamilton is over 3 years old, but it still tops the iTunes and Spotify charts every few weeks or so thanks to the “Hamildrops,” where creator Lin-Manuel Miranda releases new Hamilton-adjacent material every few weeks or so.

18-18 Segment 2: The Ethical Implications of Genetic Screenings on Children

Science enables us to know much more than ever before. We can be aware of what disorders we could pass on to our kids and we can conduct screenings on children to discover irregularities in their genes. Such screenings can help doctors catch issues early but they can also put a huge burden on families.

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Culture Crash 18-18: True Crime

True crime stories fascinate us, but they can also have a big impact. We look at true crime and specifically, Michelle McNamera’s book, I’ll Be Gone in The Dark

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Culture Crash 18-17: Netflix’s Battle Against Film Traditionalists

Netflix is becoming a bigger player in the film world, which is leaving a bad taste in some people’s mouths. We look at the arguments for and against Netflix as a film distributor.

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18-16 Segment 1: Adventures and Explorations

Being an explorer seems like a childhood fantasy, but it’s a real thing people do. We talk to two experts about explorers of the past and ways you can see the world through fresh eyes.