17-29 Segment 2: Losing a Legacy: The collapse of the Stroh Brewing Company

Frances Stroh talks about what it was like to grow up in her famous family and the impact after it all fell apart.

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Culture Crash 17-29: Christopher Nolan

Christopher Nolan set the box office on fire with his Dark Knight trilogy and made a cultural phenomenon with Inception. We explore his directorial career and what sets him apart.

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Culture Crash 17-28: Pop Music

Liking pop music is usually thought of as shallow and immature, but why? Pop music gave us The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, and yes, Justin Timberlake.

17-27 Segment 1: What Big Data Can Teach Us About Ourselves

We talk to data analyst and author Seth Stephens-Davidowitz about some of the conclusions this big data can help us reach.

17-27 Segment 2: The Story of Apollo 8

We discuss the mission that effectively ended the space race and set an important precedent that may have saved the lives of the astronauts on board Apollo 13.

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Culture Crash 17-27: Aaron Sorkin’s Mastery of Screenwriting

Aaron Sorkin is the man behind many beloved TV shows and movies. We look at one thing that makes his scripts truly shine: his pointed, duel-like dialogues.

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Culture Crash 17-26: TV Theme Songs

TV theme songs: they’re the soundtrack to our childhoods, adolescence, and Sunday nights. But have you ever stopped to think about their evolution or how many of them you know well?

17-25 Segment 1: Adventure in the Jungle: The Discovery of the Maya Civilization

We talk to author William Carlsen about the two men who ventured into the jungle and discovered the Mayans.

17-25 Segment 2: Why Wonder Woman Works So Well in 2017

Travis Langley explains how Wonder Woman’s pursuit of the truth, belief in humanity, and inspirational name make her the perfect heroine for now.

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Culture Crash 17-25: Streaming Libraries Secret Strength

We often think about streaming apps as vehicles for a new wave of TV, but streaming also allows us to revisit old shows.

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Culture Crash 17-24: Overcoming Franchise Fatigue

It seems like many movies coming out are franchise movies and that can get pretty dull. But the success of Wonder Woman sheds light on one way studios can keep their ‘tent poles’ fresh.

17-23 Segment 1: Beating a Mental Health Crisis: One couple’s journey through the psych ward

One morning without warning, Giulia Lukach experienced a psychotic break. We talk to her husband Mark about the couple's journey.

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Culture Crash 17-23: HBO’s The Leftovers: Storytelling on grief

The Leftovers will air its final episode this week on HBO. Though its tough subject matter and study of grief can be overwhelming, it’s a show with a lot to admire and themes worth exploring

17-22 Segment 2: From Fan to Collaborator: How Richard Chizmar wrote a novella with Stephen King

Richard Chizmar discusses his career, his process, and his opportunity to write a novella with Stephen King.

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Culture Crash 17-22: Stephen King’s Mastery of Storytelling

Stephen King is known for his horror masterpieces, but he’s also written beloved dramas and fantasy novels. We explore what makes his novels click.

17-21 Segment 1: Video Game Evolution

Video games have long been seen as child’s play, but now they are the source of massive TV ratings and legitimate artistic expression.

Culture Crash 17-21: Rap with a Message

Rapper Logic’s song “1-800-273-8255” is a mental health anthem, designed to help suicidal listeners realize the value of their life.

17-20 Segment 1: The Most Wanted Man on Wall Street: The Fed’s pursuit of SAC Capital

We discuss the FBI investigation of Wall Street big shot Steve Cohen, what they were looking for, what they found, and what it all means going forward.

17-20 Segment 2: A look inside this year’s biggest books

With summer around the corner, many of us are looking for some fresh books to read on the beach or on the porch.

Culture Crash 17-20: Aziz Ansari Has a Lot to Say in “Master of None”

Culture Crash is a segment where we examine literature, film and entertainment to explore issues and trends affecting the country.