19-13 Segment 1: Using YA Fiction to Help Young People Process Big Issues

For a few decades now, teens have flocked to YA novels like The Hunger Games or The Fault in Our Stars. Why are they so popular? We talk to two novelists who say young adult fiction can help teens consider big issues and life and ‘practice’ their responses to real-world problems like violence and drugs.

19-10 Segment 2: A Fantasy Series that Aims at Teaching Children to Consider Some Big Questions

We grow up hearing nursery rhymes and fairy tales that deal with good and evil. All of us fondly remember the cartoons of our youth and the stories we grew up with. We talk to Soman Chainani about authoring a new entry into the catalogue of mythology and his attempt to course-correct the lessons more modern stories have been teaching our children.

19-08 Segment 1: Pregnant and Incarcerated: Childbirth behind bars

After working for years as an OB/GYN for inmates at San Francisco Jail, author Carolyn Sufrin wanted to tell the story of the women she helped. She talks about what health care for pregnant women in jails and prisons looks like, and the changes she hopes to see in the system.

19-08 Segment 2: Education for Students with Autism

The right to an education is guaranteed to all students, regardless of disability, by federal law. But experts and parents are now wondering if we are doing enough to help autistic students maximize their abilities to live their best possible lives. We discuss the current status of public schooling for students with autism and how the systems in place can be optimized to help students grow even more.

19-07 Segment 1: Facing Our Own Mortality: How to plan for a more peaceful death for yourself and loved ones

Facing the prospect of death isn’t pleasant, but it is the reality of being human. We talk to two experts about how people can get their affairs in order both personally and medically to ensure their wishes are respected and their loved ones can properly grieve if the unthinkable happens.

19-05 Segment 2: Parenting a Transgender Child

We talk to the parent and the doctor of a transgender child to discover what science says about gender transitions and how one family navigated the issues associated with having a child you suddenly don’t fully understand.

19-03 Segment 2: Processing Unimaginable Grief

Grief is an innate part of human life, but how we process that grief varies from person to person. Tom Malmquist knows too much about grief after he lost his partner shortly after the birth of their first child. Malmquist put his experiences into his novel, In Every Moment We Are Still Alive, to help others in similar situations feel less alone.

17-34 Segment 2: The Overlooked Importance of College Professors

  When choosing which college to attend, we often consider things like the school’s graduation rate or how successful its graduates are at landing jobs. Georgetown University Professor Jacques Berlinerblau says it’s even more important to examine professors -- what their roles are, how they interact with students, and the involvement in their curriculum. Berlinerblau … Continue reading 17-34 Segment 2: The Overlooked Importance of College Professors

Culture Crash 17-20: Aziz Ansari Has a Lot to Say in “Master of None”

Culture Crash is a segment where we examine literature, film and entertainment to explore issues and trends affecting the country.

16-26 Segment 1: Grit: The passion and perseverance to succeed

We discuss how grit, passion, hope and perseverance all play into the ability for some individuals to keep on course and accomplish great things.

15-31 Segment 2: Talking About Abortion and Other Touchy Topics in a New Way

  Synopsis: Its seems that when the topic of abortion comes up in the media, there are two distinct sides voicing their opinions with no middle ground or real conversation on the topic. The debate over this issue and other touchy topics these days usually disintegrates into an “Us vs. Them” shouting match, leaving many … Continue reading 15-31 Segment 2: Talking About Abortion and Other Touchy Topics in a New Way