21-13 Segment 2: Modern Adulthood

21-13 Segment 2: Modern Adulthood

Whatever age you are, there’s always certain pressures to hit life milestones by set periods. It can mean moving out, getting married, having a family or even retiring by a ‘normal’ age. We discuss why these external pressures shouldn’t feed into personal decisions and how today’s generations and the challenges they face greatly differ from those of their parents or grandparents.

20-43 Segment 2: Examining The Death-Care Industry

20-43 Segment 2: Examining The Death-Care Industry

Planning for death is an important part of life. Getting your affairs in order and communicating your final wishes to your loved ones are two vital steps in this process. We speak with John Keith, the owner of Keith Monument, to better understand the field and some of the ways that COVID-19 has changed the way we celebrate life.

20-12 Segment 2: Falling Through A Cloud: Living With Cognitive Decline

20-13 Segment 2: Falling Through A Cloud: Living With Cognitive Decline

In a moment where many are practicing ‘social distancing’ it can be a good opportunity to put down your phones and pick up a stress-relieving solo hobby. We speak with Shannon Downey, creator of Badass Cross Stitch, about the simplicity and art of cross-stitching as well as how she’s used it to channel local and national social issues.

19-51 Segment 1: Holiday Baking Cheer And Chaos: Inside Competitive Reality TV

19-51 Segment 1: Holiday Baking Cheer And Chaos: Inside Competitive Reality TV

There’s nothing quite like watching reality TV – and holiday-themed reality TV may be even better if you’re trying to de-stress during the month of December. We delve into the world of Food Network’s popular show, Holiday Baking Championship to get the inside scoop on what it’s really like to compete and judge a competitive baking series.

19-46 Segment 2: Documenting A Presidency: Insights From An Obama White House Photographer

19-46 Segment 2: Documenting A Presidency: Insights From An Obama White House Photographer

What would it be like to photograph a sitting president? Viewpoints Radio speaks with Lawrence Jackson who was an official White House photographer during the eight-year Obama administration. Through his unique position, he intimately witnessed every angle of the presidency from the historic to the chaotic.

VP 19-34A - Female Arab Journalists WP

19-34 Segment 1: The Price of News: The Challenges Female Arab Journalists Face

Diversity in reporting is vital to news that showcases differing perspectives. We speak with Zahra Hankir, journalist and author of the new book, Our Women on the Ground, to learn more about some of the courageous female journalists who’ve risked their lives to report from within the Middle East during tumultuous periods. These women defy terrorists, the government and break traditional norms to share what they're seeing, hearing and experiencing from the ground.

Culture Crash 19-34: The Countdown To Football Season

The NFL turns 100 this year. We discuss the American tradition of football and why the sport is so near and dear to many of our hearts.

19-30 Segment 2: Should You Really Say, “I Do” to Attending the Wedding?

Summertime is prime wedding season, and if you have several weddings to attend or be involved in, the costs can quickly start to add up. We speak with two women who are shaking up the wedding industry with their nontraditional viewpoints.

19-29 Segment 2: The Dark Side of Masculinity

Author Jared Yates Sexton shares memories from his own turbulent childhood and accounts as a journalist and connects it to the larger discussion around the phenomenon of toxic masculinity in the U.S. What exactly is toxic masculinity and how is it affecting men and youth?

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Culture Crash 18-51: Roma

You may have noticed a new movie on your Netflix homepage called Roma. It’s Oscar-winning director Alfonso Cuarón’s most personal film yet and an absolute masterpiece.

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18-04 Segment 2: Working to Maintain a Healthy Marriage

Dr. Daphne de Marneffe, a clinical psychologist, talks about how couples can maintain a healthy marriage and work through some of the issues common in modern marriages.

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Culture Crash 17-50: Christmas Music

It’s all around us: the sounds of the holiday season. We explore some of the classics and modern hits that make December truly the most wonderful time of the year.

17-36 Segment 2: The Perils of Over-parenting

Two experts talk about over-parenting, the tendency to demand your child earn straight A’s, work to be a sports star, and find the time to work a part-time job and how to fix it.

17-16 Segment 1: The State of Education for Students with Autism

We discuss the current status of public schooling for autistic students and how the systems in place can be optimized to help students grow even more.