21-14 Segment 1: Entrepreneurship In The Adult-Use Cannabis Market

New York is the latest to legalize recreational marijuana. This move will create thousands of new jobs and is expected to generate billions of dollars in revenue after a lackluster year in tourism, real estate and business. And New York isn’t alone. Each year, more states are voting to allow both adult-use and medical marijuana sales. But, with this, comes challenges. In a fast-growing industry, how do you ensure that smaller entrepreneurs aren’t left behind? Or those who’ve been systemically affected by the war on cannabis are given greater opportunity?

19-35 Segment 2: Saving The Child Bully: Why We So Quickly Condemn ‘Troubled Children’

It's back-to-school season, and while schools have put in place comprehensive anti-bullying campaigns, we seldom focus on making sure child bullies themselves get the help they need to deal with the problems that are causing them to act out in the first place. We still punish troubled kids with detentions, suspensions and from there it escalates onward. Many seem to never get the proper help and get stuck in a perpetual cycle of trouble throughout life. Many end up in poverty, incarceration or even dead. How do we change our mindset and these systemic practices in order to stop these children from falling through the cracks?

19-08 Segment 1: Pregnant and Incarcerated: Childbirth behind bars

After working for years as an OB/GYN for inmates at San Francisco Jail, author Carolyn Sufrin wanted to tell the story of the women she helped. She talks about what health care for pregnant women in jails and prisons looks like, and the changes she hopes to see in the system.