19-32 Segment 1: The Woes & Pros of Living Life in a Digital Landscape

Parenting in the online era can be quite confusing. At what age should you let your kid have a Facebook or Snapchat account? How closely should you monitor what they view on the internet? We speak with Julianna Miner, author of Raising a Screen Smart Kid: Embrace the Good and Avoid the Bad in the Digital Age, to get the inside scoop on teaching kids how to responsibly navigate the digital world.

19-02 Segment 1: Cybercrime in Real LIfe

We’ve all seen how our fiction portrays cybercrime, but what does it really look like? Jonathan Lusthaus, the director of the Human Cybercriminal Project at the University of Oxford, joins the show to talk about the real crimes committed online and what, if anything, we can do to protect ourselves.

18-36 Segment 2: Privacy Online

Thanks to online shopping, internet banks and social media, our information has never been more vulnerable to theft. We explore what exactly is in all of those privacy agreements we often agree to without reading, and how we can try to reclaim our privacy in a digital world.

privacy settings on the screen. woman with a laptop on the knees.

16-52 Segment 2: Internet Privacy

We talk to a journalist who has tried to erase her digital footprint, and an attorney who deals with online privacy about protecting your person information online.

15-15 STORY 1: Future Crimes: Privacy, Law and Criminal Activity

  Synopsis: We’ve all learned how to become more careful about protecting our credit card and financial information from hackers. However, there are new ways that criminals can invade our privacy and, often, there’s little the police can do about it. We talk to a cyber-security expert and a technology attorney about the new threats … Continue reading 15-15 STORY 1: Future Crimes: Privacy, Law and Criminal Activity