15-47 Segment 1: Buying Ethically and Sustainably for the Holidays

Synopsis: It’s almost time to head to the mall and check out the holiday decorations and pick up some presents for friends and family. A lot of people will be buying clothing, shoes, accessories and making sweets as gifts, thinking only about the cost and if the recipient will like it. Our guests say that you should also consider where the gift comes from, what it’s made of and how the workers who created it are treated. Our guests discuss the need for sustainable, ethically-made gifts, from clothing to jewelry to chocolate.

Host: Gary Price. Guests: Kate Black, author of the book, Magnifeco: Your head-to-toe guide to ethical fashion and non-toxic beauty. Amy Guittard, director of marketing for Guittard Chocolate Company, author of their new book, Guittard Chocolate Cookbook: Decadent recipes from San Francisco’s premium bean-to-bar chocolate company.

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