17-10 Segment 2: Teaching Your Kids About Money

All parents want their kids to succeed and live good lives, and part of accomplishing that is raising them to understand the value of a dollar.

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16-48 Segment 2: Teaching Kids To Give Back

We talk to a mom and an author who together have created a children’s book and game designed to make giving back to others a fun pursuit.

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16-44 Segment 2: The Value of Face-to- Face Communication for Kids

Too much screen time can be a detriment to face-to-face communication and decreases our ability to recognize emotions, and possibly even shorten our lives.

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16-43 Segment 2: Kids Behavior and Parents Expectations

We explore why kids behave the way they do in certain situations, and offer strategies for dealing with a child that can help them grow more responsible.

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16-42 Segment 2: Teaching Kids to Read by Expanding Their World

Our guest offers suggestions to parents, educators and policymakers about how expanding our children’s knowledge base in school will help make them read better.

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16-35 Segment 2: Kids and Nutrition

We talk to a nutritionist and a chef about strategies and foods that parents can use to help their kids make better choices at mealtime and in between.

15-27 Segment 2: Over-involved Parents

    Synopsis: Kids are little bundles of imagination and they can amuse themselves with the simplest of household goods: a pot and a spoon, becomes a drum; a cardboard box turns into a fort, and a towel can transform them into a caped crusader! However, some parents tend to micromanage their kids’ time with … Continue reading 15-27 Segment 2: Over-involved Parents

15-23 Story 2: The Empty Nest: How to cope when the kids leave for good

Synopsis: When the last child leaves home for college, marriage or that first job, parents are often sad and at loose ends about how the rest of their lives will progress. We talk to a therapist and author who’s experienced her own children leaving home, about the emotions of “the empty nest” and what parents … Continue reading 15-23 Story 2: The Empty Nest: How to cope when the kids leave for good

15-04 Segment 2: Face Time vs. Screen Time

Synopsis: Kids are always on their phones, tablets or computers – even when they’re sitting across from one another at the lunch table! Does communicating via screens hurt kids? We talk to two researchers who found that too much screen time at the cost of face-to-face communication could decrease our ability to recognize emotions, and … Continue reading 15-04 Segment 2: Face Time vs. Screen Time