20-09 Segment 1: Body-Worn Cameras: Is Fast-Changing Tech Leading To Better Policing?

20-09 Segment 1: Body-Worn Cameras: Is Fast-Changing Tech Leading To Better Policing?

Today, body-worn cameras are a mainstay in many police departments across the country. While the new technology increases transparency, is it leading to better relationships between the public and police? How are innovations in the field - including the incorporation of artificial intelligence - changing officers’ day-to-day duties?

19-32 Segment 2: The Complexities of Implicit Bias

What exactly is implicit bias and how does it form? We breakdown this complicated issue and discuss why it’s so important for parents to address implicit bias with kids early on through candid conversations and exposure to diverse environments.

19-31 Segment 1: The Technology & Training Behind Nonlethal Weapons

In an ideal situation, a taser – an electrical weapon – allow law enforcement to subdue a subject without having to pull out their gun. But why do tasers sometimes fail? We discuss possible factors at play when a taser is deployed and new technology in development at Axon Enterprise, the main supplier of tasers and body cameras to law enforcement.

17-29 Segment 1: Writing Crime Right: How author Don Winslow approaches hot-topic issues

Author Don Winslow talks about how he tries to accurately portray issues like police shootings of unarmed black men, law enforcement corruption, and more.