20-49 Segment 1: Becoming Steve Jobs

20-49 Segment 1: Becoming Steve Jobs

Apple co-founder, Steve Jobs, was hailed as a genius and master innovator during his lifetime, but his career wasn’t always a smooth, upward trajectory. He failed many times and was eventually sidelined at Apple. We speak with one of his biographers about how Jobs changed his ways during this turbulent time, and how his experiences working with NeXt Computer and Pixar helped develop him into a savvier, more understanding leader.

19-11 Segment 1: Mindfulness in Life, Leadership and Collaboration

The hustle and bustle of the world can overwhelm us all from time to time. Expert Marc Lesser talks about how we can embrace mindfulness to relieve anxiety, enhance our empathy and become better collaborators and leaders in our lives.

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18-09 Segment 1: Empowering Students To Be Leaders

We talk to experts about how teachers and schools are teaching young adults to think critically about important topics and take an active role in the ongoing debates.