The Deadly Texas Freeze: Does It Point To Larger Problems?

21-12 Segment 1: The Deadly Texas Freeze: Does It Point To Larger Problems?

The wintry storm that crippled the entire state of Texas last month is estimated to cost 195 billion dollars in damages and has already been linked to dozens of deaths due to prolonged exposure of extreme cold. For several days, millions of Texans were left without heat in their homes, no running or clean water and food shortages. What factors fed into this statewide failure? Is this a weather pattern that will happen more frequently as the climate shifts?

21-05 Segment 2: What Is Attribution Science?

21-05 Segment 2: What Is Attribution Science?

The field of attribution science studies extreme weather events in order to uncover what role man-made climate change plays in the severity or likelihood of each disaster. We speak to renowned climatologist Dr. Friederike Otto to better understand the reasonings behind attribution science and the implications this research has on science, global politics and climate litigation.

19-50 Segment 1: The Implications of A Shifting Climate

Extreme forest fires in California; increased flooding throughout the Midwest; rising sea levels threatening much of the coastal United States. Viewpoints speaks with author Avanti Centrae and ecologist Alejandro Frid about some of these extreme weather patterns and how people across the world are changing the way they live in order to adapt to this new landscape.

Culture Crash 19-23: Chronicling the Nuclear Disaster at Chernobyl

We discuss the new HBO miniseries, co-produced with Sky UK, titled “Chernobyl”. The show follows the chronological events of the 1986 nuclear disaster in the Soviet Union and captures the confusion and terror in the days, months and years following the accident.

emergency checklist and ballpoint pen. close-up.

16-39 Segment 2: Disaster Response

Emergency response experts lay out strategies for weathering big storms and fires to keep yourself and your family safe during an emergency.