19-25 Segment 1: Mind & Matter: One Man, Two Paths

John Urschel is not your typical doctoral candidate. Before studying mathematics at MIT, Urschel played college football at Penn State and then in the NFL with the Baltimore Ravens. Both mathematics and football have always been two steadfast pillars in his life. For many college students, balancing high-level athletics and demanding school work would be … Continue reading 19-25 Segment 1: Mind & Matter: One Man, Two Paths

19-09 Segment 2: Exploring What It Means for Women to be ‘Brave, Not Perfect’

Reshma Saujani is a lawyer, a former political candidate, an author and the founder of Girls Who Code. She says our society puts too much pressure on women to be perfect, which means girls are afraid to explore their true passions for fear of failure. She’s hoping to change that, and to teach girls that it’s okay to try something that you might not succeed at.

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18-09 Segment 2: The Value of Grit

We talk to an expert about grit, the intangible "thing" that encompasses someone's passion and perseverance, and how it encourages a person to pursue their goals.