19-49 Segment 1: Top Dog: Helping Senior Dogs Find New Homes

19-49 Segment 1: Top Dog: Helping Senior Dogs Find New Homes

Did you know that only one out of every five dogs will finish their life with the family who originally took them home? Top Dog Foundation, specifically helps find new homes for senior dogs through a variety of programs. We speak with the founder of the organization, Jean Stelten-Beuning about the current need and how owners can plan ahead to ensure the long-term welfare of their pet.

19-42 Segment 2: Disease Detecting Dogs

19-42 Segment 2: Disease Detecting Dogs

Did you know that dogs can smell up to 100,000 times better than the average person? Most of us are familiar with service or police dogs using their nose to sniff out a particular scent, but researchers have been recently harnessing the power of a dogs nose to find malaria, diabetes and even some of the hardest-to-detect cancers.

17-23 Segment 2: Hospice Dogs: How our four-legged friends can help us until the very end

Jon Katz’s dogs do more than just play fetch: they help comfort Hospice patients in their final days

dog looking on overflowing waters of river, natural disaster

16-41 Segment 2: Helping Animals Weather Natural Disasters

We talk to a Humane Society spokesperson who has seen his share of disasters about keeping your pets safe and secure during a catastrophe.