Inside Look: Why Generalism Matters

Amirah Zaveri, the producer of Viewpoints Radio, asks New York Times bestselling author David Epstein about his unique career path and what he learned along the way.

18-47 Segment 2: Intrinsic Hope

It can easy to get the blues, especially with all of the division and turmoil in the world. But author Kate Davies has a different way of look at the world: one that can make us more hopeful, positive, and willing to pitch in and help. She calls it intrinsic hope, and it may be just what we all need this holiday season.

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Culture Crash 18-38: The funny and philosophical TV comedy, The Good Place

Two years ago, NBC debuted a strange new comedy show called The Good Place. It was written by Michael Schur, a writer on The Office and the creator of Parks & Recreation, so people were willing to get it a change… but it’s logline was pretty out-there. It’s a half-hour comedy about people who died in the afterlife and, specifically, about Eleanor Shellstrop, a bad person who made it to heaven the good place thanks to a clerical error.

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18-06 Segment 1: Making Philosophy Relatable Through Humor

Authors Thomas Cathcart and Daniel Klein use humor to explain philosophical beliefs from deep thinkers, like Immanuel Kant and John Locke.

17-08 Segment 1: The Funny Side of Philosophy

Authors Thomas Cathcart and Daniel Klein authors join the show to tell stories, crack jokes, and clarify some of the big ideas of philosophy.