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Culture Crash 18-04: The Ringer’s Binge Mode podcast

We highlight Binge Mode, a podcast made for obsessive fans of cultural touchstones, like Game of Thrones, Pixar’s Coco, and Star Wars.

16-46 Segment 1: Remembering the Activism of Tom Hayden

In 2004 we spoke with activist Tom Hayden, who passed away last month. His hopeful, yet controversial, thoughts on gangs and violence can still be beneficial.

16-30 Segment 2: Measuring Animal Intelligence: How smart are they?

Our guest has studied animal intelligence and discusses how neuroscience and biology are coming up with new definitions of what it means to be an intelligent animal.

group of happy multiracial businesspeople looking at digital tablet

16-28 Segment 2: Men, Women and Equality

Our guests talk about issues of gender equality and offer suggestions for why they happen and how we can level the playing field for both women and men.