19-04 Segment 1: The Truth Behind Faith-Based Prison Ministry

Since the beginning of the U.S. prison system, religion has been suggested as a way to help rehabilitate criminals. We talk to Tanya Erzen, a professor of religion, about why that is and what role prison ministries play in the lives on inmates.

17-33 Segment 1: Pregnancy Behind Bars

  Thousands of pregnant women pass through our prison system each year. What happens to these ladies when they need the most medical care? We talk with Carolyn Sufrin who describes her experience as an OBGYN for California prison inmates in her book Jailcare: Finding the safety net for women behind bars. Incarcerated Americans are …

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16-25 Segment 1: Juveniles Sent To Adult Prison

Should children be tried as adults and sent to adult prisons? Our guests discuss so many people are incarcerated and how juveniles should be given another chance.

16-25 Segment 2: Pushed Out of School

We talk to a professor who has studied the effect that extremely strict school rules have on the students and the teachers who are made to enforce them.