purple and white transgender symbol tile pattern

17-12 Segment 1: Raising a Transgender Child

We talk to the parent and the doctor of a transgender child to discover what science says about gender transitions and how one family navigated the issues associated with having a child you suddenly don’t fully understand.

17-12 Segment 2: Education in Somaliland

Jonathan Starr talks about his journey from Wall Street money manager to Somaliland school runner and how he and his school and changing lives where it matters most.

Vintage typewriter close-up - I Quit, concept of quitting

17-04 Segment 1: The Art of Quitting

Many people remain in bad situations because they are afraid to quit their job, but careful planning can ease the anxiety that often follows.

Focused young female artist working on a new painting in her workshop

17-04 Segment 2: Unleashing Your Creativity

It’s a common goal to get back to the creative passions in the new year. Two experts give tips on how to over come obstacles and finish your masterpiece.

Annoyed and unhappy man sitting with angry look, resting elbows on table while his smiling girlfriend texting her friends via social networks on mobile phone, instead of talking to him

17-03 Segment 2: Digital Independence

Our guest, Christina Cook, took a 31-day vacation from the Internet and learned how online life needs to be balanced with face-to-face communications and relaxation.

an empty wallet and a full of banknotes

16-50 Segment 1: Closing the Wage Gap

We’re joined by two experts who agree that closing the wage gap should be a priority, but who have very different takes on how that can be achieved

16-50 Segment 2: Henry Clay: The great American statesman you should know more about

Most of us have heard the name of Henry Clay, but he’s not one of the people we usually remember the way we do George Washington or Thomas Jefferson.

Two children making science experiments. Education.

16-48 Segment 1: The Ick Factor: Teaching Kids Science

We talk to two experts who say children take to science readily if it’s presented in the right way by tapping into the “ick factor” that seems to fascinate them.

Donations Charity Volunteer Words Concept

16-48 Segment 2: Teaching Kids To Give Back

We talk to a mom and an author who together have created a children’s book and game designed to make giving back to others a fun pursuit.

16-33 Segment 1: Servitude and Salvation for Intellectually-Challenged Men

New York Times reporter Dan Barry discusses his latest book about a tragic situation in 1974 where mentally challenged men were pressed into servitude.

shy woman and man sitting on sofa couch

16-28 Segment 1: The Power of Introverts

Our guest, an introvert herself, talks about just what an introvert is, and how they are actually very sociable in the right settings.

group of happy multiracial businesspeople looking at digital tablet

16-28 Segment 2: Men, Women and Equality

Our guests talk about issues of gender equality and offer suggestions for why they happen and how we can level the playing field for both women and men.

16-26 Segment 1: Grit: The passion and perseverance to succeed

We discuss how grit, passion, hope and perseverance all play into the ability for some individuals to keep on course and accomplish great things.