19-32 Segment 1: The Woes & Pros of Living Life in a Digital Landscape

Parenting in the online era can be quite confusing. At what age should you let your kid have a Facebook or Snapchat account? How closely should you monitor what they view on the internet? We speak with Julianna Miner, author of Raising a Screen Smart Kid: Embrace the Good and Avoid the Bad in the Digital Age, to get the inside scoop on teaching kids how to responsibly navigate the digital world.

kids playing at home with smartphones

16-44 Segment 2: The Value of Face-to- Face Communication for Kids

Too much screen time can be a detriment to face-to-face communication and decreases our ability to recognize emotions, and possibly even shorten our lives.

15-04 Segment 2: Face Time vs. Screen Time

  Synopsis: Kids are always on their phones, tablets or computers – even when they’re sitting across from one another at the lunch table! Does communicating via screens hurt kids? We talk to two researchers who found that too much screen time at the cost of face-to-face communication could decrease our ability to recognize emotions, …

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