21-15 Segment 1: Managing Mental Health In The Medical Field During A Pandemic

21-15 Segment 1: Managing Mental Health In The Medical Field During A Pandemic

Physician burnout is still a very real problem in the U.S. – and the pandemic has only exacerbated these feelings in some of the hardest hit hospitals across the country. We speak with Dr. Greg Hammer at Stanford University about the pandemic’s lasting effects on mental health and systems that have been created to better support people working in medicine or in medical school.

19-28 Segment 1: The Fall of Theranos

The rise and fall of the now defunct blood-testing company Theranos has captivated the attention of millions and exposed the dark side of the startup culture in Silicon Valley. Elizabeth Holmes, founder and CEO of Theranos, is awaiting trial next summer, facing 11 felony charges for allegedly defrauding the public. We speak with Stanford professor Dr. Phyllis Gardner who doubted Holmes from the very beginning.

18-49 Segment 1: The Need for Investigative Journalism

Investigative journalism is a necessity in a democracy. Independent journalists putting in long hours to serve as watch-dogs for our government can have long-lasting ramifications, just look at the impact Woodward and Bernstein made with their Watergate investigations. We talk to one expert about the current state of investigative journalism in America and what can be done to ensure the watchdogs stay in business.


17-03 Segment 1: The Precarious Position of African-American Republicans

Author Corey Fields explains what motivates black Republicans and how they’re treated both at home and within their party.