21-09 Segment 1: A Shifting Suburbia: The Impact Of Covid-19

21-09 Segment 1: A Shifting Suburbia: The Impact Of Covid-19

Congested roads. Crumbling parking lots. Vacant strip malls. These are some of the challenges that suburbs across the country are facing today. What to do with the vacant retail and office space? How do you make people less dependent on cars and more active? Architect June Williamson is a proponent of mixed-use developments that create more efficient suburbia. This vision creates a 15-minute suburb where basic amenities and activities are walkable, and spaces bring people together rather than dividing them with large, empty lawns, lots and physical structures.

19-38 Segment 2: The Boom of Fast Food & It's Deep-Rooted Ties to American Culture

19-38 Segment 2: The Boom of Fast-Food & It’s Deep-Rooted Ties to American Culture

Most of us point to McDonald’s as the founding of fast food as we know it. But the American staple actually began nearly a hundred years ago with two chains, White Castle and A&W. We speak with Adam Chandler, journalist and author of Drive-Thru Dreams: A Journey Through the Heart of America’s Fast-Food Kingdom about the events that fed into the rapid rise of the fast-food industry and how different chains are fighting to stay present and on-trend in today’s competitive restaurant landscape.

19-30 Segment 1: A Shifting Landscape: The Challenges Facing Suburbia Today

Cookie cutter houses, large backyards and shopping centers took hold during the rapid rise of suburbia during the second half of the 20th century. Now, towns across the U.S. are facing a new set of challenges from climate change to shifting demographics that require a different landscape than what was first constructed. We speak with two experts about the current state of suburbia and potential solutions.