21-12 Segment 2: The Mental Toll of a Full Work Inbox

21-12 Segment 2: The Mental Toll of a Full Work Inbox

On average, its estimated that the typical worker receives one email every six minutes. This constant stream of emails and instant messages throughout the day continuously pulls people away from their main tasks and leads to workout burnout. And the pandemic – with more people working from home – has only made this worse. Computer science and communication expert, Cal Newport joins us this week to break down the main issues and possible solutions.

18-40 Segment 1: The Joy of Retirement: How people can look forward to retiring and make it the best time of their lives

Retirement can be bittersweet. On one hand, it’s something you build toward your whole life, but it can also be intimidated to lose your purpose in the workplace. We talk to Helen Wilkes about how she found a new passion in her retirement, and how she’s helping others make their retirements more fulfilling.

16-13 Segment 2: The Future of Work

  Synopsis: Economists are saying that American workers’ wages are stagnant and have been for quite a few years now despite working longer hours and being “on call” all the time through technology. That doesn’t mean that business is lagging though, since corporations, their CEOs and other high-level managers are doing quite well in that … Continue reading 16-13 Segment 2: The Future of Work