21-03 Segment 1: The Pandemic’s Push On E-Commerce

While many small, neighborhood stores are fighting to keep their doors open, e-commerce giants like Amazon are seeing staggering growth. In fact, 2020 was the most successful year-to-date for the company. The pandemic has forced millions to buy more items online or through curbside pick-up. So, how has this shift in shopping habits changed the retail game for good? Business journalist Lawrence Ingrassia joins Viewpoints this week to break down the evolving e-commerce landscape.

20-52 Segment 1: The On- And Off-Stage Benefits Of Practicing Improv

20-52 Segment 1: The On- And Off-Stage Benefits Of Practicing Improv

Getting on a stage in front of a crowd can be extremely daunting. But, taking a risk and trying something new may not only lead you to a new hobby but a renewed perspective on life. Improv comedy forces you to connect on a deeper level with others, as well as yourself through the collaboration, communication and confidence the performance art requires.

Inside Look: Why Generalism Matters

Amirah Zaveri, the producer of Viewpoints Radio, asks New York Times bestselling author David Epstein about his unique career path and what he learned along the way.

19-19 Segment 2: First Impressions & Their Pitfalls

We all get gut instincts when we walk into a room of strangers. Do we fit in here? Do these people seem friendly? Snap judgments are simply a part of how we function. But Princeton University psychology professor Alexander Todorov says that while these first impressions are natural, we should try to resist them.