20-51 Segment 1: The Unending Toll Of Discrimination

Segregation not only divides cities but leads to divided people as well. It fuels biases against people who may look or act different than us, leading to generations of inequity and discrimination. Viewpoints speaks with social justice activist, Tonika Johnson about the many impacts’ segregation has had on the city of Chicago.

20-38 Segment 2: The Hidden Gems Across Chicago & In Every U.S. Town

Suffering from a travel bug that can’t be quenched this year? Chicago writer, Jessica Mlinaric believes that if you look hard enough you don’t have to leave your town or city to experience something new. We cover some of the interesting, historical sights around Chicago and how you can explore your own area.

20-12 Segment 2: The Resurgence Of Hand Embroidery: Craftivism Through Cross-Stitching

In a moment where many are practicing ‘social distancing’ it can be a good opportunity to put down your phones and pick up a stress-relieving solo hobby. We speak with Shannon Downey, creator of Badass Cross Stitch, about the simplicity and art of cross-stitching as well as how she’s used it to channel local and national social issues.

19-21 Segment 1: Color of Law

Racial segregation still persists throughout the U.S. One factor contributing to this inequality is the structure of our towns and cities. Richard Rothstein and Tonika Johnson talk about how past laws and our government created a divided demographic and the impact this has on certain populations.

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Culture Crash 18-01: The Chi

Lena Waithe won an Emmy last year for her work on Master of None. Now, she brings her passion project to the screen in Showtime’s newest show, The Chi.

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Culture Crash 17-46: Chicago’s Own Chance the Rapper

Chance the Rapper has won three Grammys, headlined Lollapalooza, and given millions in charity to Chicago Public Schools. We talk about the impact he’s made on his city.

chicago downtown and chicago river at night.

17-05 Segment 1: The State of American Cities

We talk about the role cities play in our culture, about the problems facing our cities and ideas on how we can fix them.

16-11 Segment 1: Character Education For Kids

  Synopsis: Character in a person is something we admire, and something we all would like to think that our kids grow up to achieve. But how do you teach them character? What are some of the virtues that go hand-in-hand with character and how can we instill them in our kids? We talk to … Continue reading 16-11 Segment 1: Character Education For Kids