barbecue food

16-22 Segment 1: Why We Eat What We Eat

In America, we have the most varied cuisine in the world but why do we need all of this variety? Our guests offer some answers.

search dog

16-22 Segment 2: How Search Dogs Follow Scent

We talk to a search dog owner and trainer about these amazing animals and the physiology that helps them hone in on a single scent.

Japanese knotweed invasive species

16-21 Segment 1: Invasive Species

Many worry that non-native plants and animals are preventing native species from thriving but are so-called native species of plants and animals really native?

Cluttered room

16-21 Segment 2: Getting Rid of Clutter

Our guests discuss how a minimalist lifestyle not only keeps our homes neat but also helps us maintain focus on those things that are most important.

16-20 Segment 1: Remembering the true meaning of Memorial Day

Two former Navy Seals talk about the march they created to honor those who served and raise money to help vets, their families and first responders around the country.

16-19 Segment 1: The Third Wave: An internet pioneer talks technology

Internet pioneer Steve Case discusses the third wave of technology that will bring tech from the first wave more fully into our every day lives.

16-18 Segment 1: The Business of Legalized Marijuana

We talk to a journalist to find out just how extensive the legalized marijuana industry is now, and how it could grow in the future.

16-18 Segment 2: Having the money talk with family

Author Lori Sackler talks about why we are reluctant to discuss money matters with aging parents, spouses or children and why it is so important that we do.