tomb of robert kennedy at arlington national cemetery, va

16-39 Segment 1: Robert Kennedy: Remember a fallen icon

Although he never became president, Bobby Kennedy spearheaded a great deal of change in America with his work in civil rights and by combatting corruption.

emergency checklist and ballpoint pen. close-up.

16-39 Segment 2: Disaster Response

Emergency response experts lay out strategies for weathering big storms and fires to keep yourself and your family safe during an emergency.

hacker programing in technology enviroment with cyber icons and symbols

16-37 Segment 1: Cyber Security and Restoring Reputations

Our guests discuss how gossip websites operate and how to protect yourself from false and embarrassing information that appears online.

a new plant grows in ashes after a small forest fire has burnt out

16-37 Segment 2: The Benefits of Forest Fires

Our guests say that forest fires can actually help forests stay healthy and even bring them back to their natural states by removing non-native plants.

the wood boat on cracked earth, metaphoric for climate change and global warming.

16-36 Segment 1: The Climate Change Mindset

We talk to a researcher about how the framing of climate change can skew the message and how we become motivated, or not, to do something about it.

models on the runway at a fashion show

16-36 Segment 2: Fashion: How It Affects Body Image, Health, and the Environment

Fashion expert Dr. Carolyn Mair talks about the affects fashion has on health, body image and the environment.